With in-depth knowledge of data solutions and experience that spans more than two decades in over 27 countries, PBT Group has honed its expertise through engagement with most of the top 100 companies, answering to diverse needs to give clients not only a competitive edge, but also a sustainable advantage.

Technology agnostic data Specialists

PBT Group provides Data and Analytics services and solutions that enable data-driven insights, and well-timed and informed business decisions that consistently position the Group’s clients ahead of the curve.

Technological integration is a key enabler in providing clients with custom made services or solutions in support of their organisational objectives. As a technology agnostic Data and Analytics specialist organisation, PBT Group is best positioned to optimise companies’ data platforms without allowing product or technology to limit their options.

PBT Group is a professional services provider to large national and international clients, and one that is focused on transforming data into a tangible asset. PBT Group provides an end-to-end data services and solutions offering, including Data Strategy, Data Engineering, Data Visualisation, Data Analytics, as well as Application Development.

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A technology agnostic Data and Analytics specialist organisation

Global expertise, local wisdom and two decades of experience

PBT Group has worked in more than 27 countries around the world and has implemented large-scale data projects throughout Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Europe in the banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications and retail sectors.

With a staff complement of more than 900 highly skilled professional consultants, PBT Group has a reputation for delivery according to expectations. Worldwide expertise and local wisdom – that’s what makes us different!

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A One-Stop Service Offering

PBT Group offers a one-stop service in all aspects of the modern data platform. In alignment with the client’s preferred technology stack, PBT Group will identify and assign the appropriate expertise to achieve the intended objective/s.

The Group’s consultant base consists of highly competent Project Managers, Business and/or Data Analysts, Data Modellers, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Visualisation Engineers etc.

Whilst it can provide the necessary specialist capability and capacity, PBT Group prefers to engage in a mutually beneficial long-term partnership in supporting the client’s overall data strategy.

The Modern Data Platform: Conceptual

1. Sources
2. Data Lakes
3. Data Stores (ODS)
4. Data Warehouse
5. Advanced Analytics
6. Data Science
7. Apps
8. Visualisation

9. MDM
10. Enrichment
11. Security & Access
12. Data Storage
13. Data Ingestion
14. Data Governance
15. Data Integration
16. Other

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    Enabling the Value of Data Science

    Thanks to the availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), more companies are focusing their efforts on appointing Data Scientists to extract business value from the data at their disposal. This has subsequently made the role of Data Engineers even more critical as this skill is essential to prepare this data for appropriate use. As organisations are rightly drawn to the benefits that AI and ML can deliver, and while this is essential to transforming data into actionable insights, it is the role of the Data Engineers to get it to that stage.

    Therefore, Data Engineering is critical in enabling Data Science. If the Data Scientists are not able to obtain quality data at the right time and in the appropriate format, then it is impossible to perform their roles effectively. Hence, while Data Science unlocks the business value of data, much of the effort to enable this, lies in the engineering component. Data Engineering remains one of PBT Group’s core competencies.

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    Flexible Service and Cost Model for the New Normal

    PBT Group’s consultants are certainly au fait with the benefits that remote working arrangements can offer to clients. Over the last decade, the company has delivered a wide range of services from Data Analysis, Data Architecture, Adaptive Data Modelling, Data Engineering, testing, implementation, and overall project management to clients in Africa and the Middle East.

    PBT Group has also expanded its remote working experience to its European operations and, with strategic partnerships signed in 2019 with companies in the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany, PBT Group is well-positioned to support data-related projects across Western Europe, remotely.

    As organisations seek opportunities for cost efficiencies, a remote/hybrid, flexible service model can be successfully obtained via managed services or solutions. The value proposition of a managed services arrangement resides in increased productivity, a reduced management overhead, the flexibility of capacity on demand, as well as the potential to include knowledge transfer and client enablement. When looking to partner with Data Specialists who can provide the right data solutions and expertise through a managed services model that considers remote capability, then look no further!

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    Customisable Managed Data Services with remote capability